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Poly Community Night

“Poly Happy Hour is one of my most recommended recurring events in SF, especially for people new to the LGBT community. My first time there I came knowing maybe two people and left with all sorts of plans to grab coffee and drinks. Everyone is eager to get to know each other and the event as a whole is one of the most welcoming I’ve ever been to. Very inclusive and trans friendly. As a newly out trans person early in my transition, spaces like this are crucial to me. I’ve been to other poly events that felt a little on the creepy side, like the other participants were there “on the prowl,” so much so that I didn’t go back to any for years. I didn’t get that sense at all at this event. I had so many genuine conversations with fantastic people who were interested in getting to know me. Overall, pretty freaking fantastic!”




"Hi -

I've worked with Ian as a co-producer and consultant on a number of projects over the last year, and have found her to be a unique combination of someone who's flexible and always open to learning, while at the same time being very driven by a vision of the community and projects that she wants to build.

Working with Ian on several different iterative events (having the same event each month over multiple months), I've seen that she seeks attendee feedback, tests new approaches and implements testing based on the outcomes - definitely a growth mindset within a community building exercise!"




Ian’s been a fabulous and thoughtful co-conspirator and curator of inclusive events.




“Ian is an empathetic and skilled facilitator and event organizer in several communities. They are top-tier in knowledge and teaching ability for safety and gender topics. They put in a lot of work to make things run - I highly recommend working with Ian!”




"Had the pleasure to work with Ian for her fun and exciting event Poly Community Night along with other connective LGBT events. Her energy brings good vibes into any community and her drive to connect individuals has been essential to deliver on new ideas. I recommend Ian and think her personality will fit well into any company."




“Ian is both passionate and a clear-headed, logical thinker, which is an amazingly unique combination. Ian’s passion is rooted in advancing equity and visibility for queer, trans, and kinky people as well as those interested in alternative relationship styles. Ian’s hardworking, strategic planning/organizational skills are potent tools for furthering such amazing goals. I’ve worked with Ian while running queer and poly friendly events and through our queer poly arts & media collective project, Loud and Queer. Ian is great at making connections with people and making things happen, large and small.“


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