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How We Help

Diversity Workshops


 Ian created and has run the workshop series "Deconstructing Gender" since February, a series in which they helped employees find and understand cultural pressures and learn how to use gender-neutral language. The workshop series is currently held in California, Bali, and Malaysia.

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What I See

trans person in mirror virtual reality game transgender

Explore the immersive Virtual Reality resource project Ian led to show allies life as a trans person. Experience their stories first-hand.

(Beta available on Android)

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Texting Service


We created EmpowerMe, a texting resource that helps alleviate the emotional labor from trans people introducing themselves. Instead of needing to explain “nonbinary” within introductions, a trans person can offer this number that will provide a small explanation of LGBTQ terms and best practices

(text “nonbinary” to 27126 for a demo)

Loud and Queer


We created Loud and Queer, a video collective that produces body-positive videos for queer people, specifically to provide support to regions that have low queer visibility and tolerance. In only a few months, our videos have reached over 10,000 viewers. 

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Poly Community Night


 In an area with over 90 LGBT-oriented events per month, it seemed to many that the community had all of the events it could possibly need. Not so. The San Franciscan polyamory community was suffering from a lack of resources and the fact that many were unable to drive to the closest event (one hour away, far from public transit). We single-handedly created Poly Community Night to assuage that need.  

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Our Partner Organizations


We assist TSER (the non-profit providing over a hundred colleges with trans educational resources in July) with their resources, create fundraisers for IGRP (the lobbying non-profit that helped create the non-binary option for driver’s licenses in 2019), and support the HRC’s local trans outreach programs.

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Public Articles


We've written multiple articles on transgender issues in the workplace and in cinema. 

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